The passport event.

This is old news, but I figured I would post it. I know some of you will at least find this entertaining.

I routinely lose my possessions. I’m the kind of guy who needs to have his keybowl proper, next to the door. In northern France, I moved one such important item, my passport, into a discrete plastic bag to protect it from the rain. Typically, it never leaves my bag. It took me two days to notice that it was no longer in my possession. At this point, it could have conceivably been lost just about anywhere, along the road, at the various campsites we’d stayed at, who knows. I did my due diligence, and called the campsites we’d stayed at. No luck. I’d have to get a new one, likely there would be some hoop jumping involved. The first day in Paris, we took the metro downtown and dealt with this.

Arriving at the Canadian embassy, I spoke with the consulate and explained the situation. He gives me the appropriate forms. Lacking a “professional” to notarize my passport application, they require four references. He gives me a key to the computer to access my email for reference information. Opening my email, I find that the campsite had just emailed me to tell me they’ve found my passport. Sometimes, I shit horseshoes. Had that email arrived even 15 minutes later, I would have by that time given the consulate my form, thus declaring my lost passport invalid. I ended up phoning the campsite and having them mail it to me.

Reunited with my passport

I suppose for those of you who know me, this would come as no surprise…