Other blogs

Cycling tourists and otherwise interesting people.

Sabine’s blog.
She is the Swiss girl I’ve been cycling with. Written in Swiss German.

Tim and Tine’s blog.
They are a Dutch couple from Gent I’ve ridden with from Samarkand, Uzbekistan to Kashgar, China. Some of the nicest people I’ve met on my journey, a real pleasure to ride with. Written in Flemish.

Henry and Jamie’s blog.
Bloody brilliantly written with that British sense of humor.

Maurizio’s blog.
A friend of mine I met in Swiss, a friend of Nino’s from Baden. He’s been putting Liesthal on the map for years. He’s on his second big cycling trip across Afica. Written in German. Muchos respect.

Andreas & Johanna’s blog. Another German couple I met on the road in Iran, Uzbek, and China. Wonderful people from Hamburg. Written in German.

Sebastians Blog. Seb is the German I rode with in Pakistan, and the one who saved me when I broke my femur. He took 10 days out of his trip and helped me get back to Canada. Thank you Sebastian.

Stephen Baileys blog.
A British bloke we met in Iran several times. Not cycling, but he seems to get himself in a lot of funny situations.

Cycling Silk
Kate and Melissa, two other Canadians who I can never seem to catch.

The traveling two
Two Canadian cyclists, Friedel & Andrew, who have done a big trip and have a blog about everything in the cycling world. When the trip ended, their blog didn’t. They put podcasts, books, and lots of other good resources. I plan on covering all the cycle routes in the top 10 cycle routes. So far I’ve done four.

My friend Darren’s professional photography blog. He also does a lot of mountaineering, skiing, climbing, etc.