Leaving Sweden

A month already I’ve been gone, it never seems that quick.  Isaac and I are in Gothenburg now, having ridden from Stockholm.  It feels good to have put down a couple hundred kilometers on the bike.  The countryside presented some challenges; roads that were not direct, or not paved. Unfortunately, the garmin maps don’t distinguish the paved secondary roads from the unpaved ones.  There were several nice days of riding where we could follow a dedicated bike path for 50-80km.  So far we’ve only paid for camping twice, the rest has been wild camping or we’ve stayed with Isaacs family. The campsite we did stay at was stupidly cheap…65 Kr, so 8.50 CND or something like this… I haven’t done the math yet, but I think we’ve been living on the cheap for under 40 CND a day in Sweden. I had done some rough math for Norway, and I think we’d spent about 75 CND a day, including the train fare up there, and the 13 dollar-beer-night-binge-drinking, the last night we were there. I’m definitely going back to northern Norway in the winter to ski. There looks to be some epicness to be had there.

We plan on leaving a couple things behind here, to shed some weight.  I think the climbing gear is going to go, we’ll either borrow or beg in the Alps.  Tired of carrying it. We’ll also be carrying a little less food from now on. Isaacs frame (alum) is now bent as his trailer was too heavy.

We’ve got about 7 weeks to reach Swiss, as Isaac has a conference in Zurich. Should be more then enough time, however we tend to stop for beer or wine quite often. Anything can happen. We’re hoping that the routes will be more direct than the Swedish countryside, so we won’t have to zig zag so much. We’ve also got better maps, of higher resolution. That’ll make a difference.

Isaac’s father Rolf has helped us out a great deal. It’s very nice to have the support here in Sweden, a nice (free!) place to stay in Gothenburg and Stockholm… Thanks Rolf!

Isaac and I are catching the ferry in a couple hours over to Denmark. We plan on cycling north to Skagen for the night, and then down the west coast. I guess we’ll see how windy it is.

I’ve finished posting my photos from Norway and
Sweden (including Gotland) on my flickr site.

Two wheels, one love.