Fed up with Google maps (sort of)

So I’ve spent some time today geoemphasising where we’ve been. Unfortunately, uploading gpx files, or changing routes seems to be more difficult than it should. Gmaps doesn’t like to handle too many points in the map, nor does it like appending routes.

Solution: use gpsvisualizer.com to create a map using the same api. The tool pushes all of the gpx points into the html page directly, so I can more easily keep adding information.

I’ve found that I’ve been using my GPS quite a bit, so I’ve been able to build a decent route from the data it collects. On the map I have, parts of the Netherlands are not accurate, as I’d lost the gpx data for it. If you look at the map, we weren’t riding on the main roads.

So this is where we are, after 3700km. Paris. It’s a lovely place, I could stay longer, however the open road calls.