Cycling Resources – Netherlands, Belgium

Unless you’re planning a cycling trip to the Netherlands or Belgium, you’re not likely to find this interesting. I want to scribble this out as I’d found a lot of my information in the same way. If you’re going to invest the time to cycle across NL and BE, you might as well take the scenic route.

LF2 - Proper signage

A couple things to note before i start ranting. The Netherlands has a system of long distance cycle routes, landelijke fietsroutes, which are abbreviated LF. They show up in most of the websites mentioned. Other routes, such as the eurovelo6 and jacobsroute show up as well.

Someone out there has put together this little tool. If you’re planning a cycle trip accross Europe, this could contribute significantly to your trip. There is, however, one hitch. It’s in Dutch.

This is fine if you’re planning to follow the route from point A to point B.

However, if you’re planning on using the cycle routes in a trip you’ve already planned, this tool may work better for you.

fietsrouteplanner, which links to
fietsvakantie (vacation cycler)

This website will pick the international euro cycle routes, and come up with several combinations using these cycle routes. For example, you could can cycle from Amsterdam to Paris (via Calais), and this site will advise you to take the van gogh route, LF2, and jacobsroute. There is, however, a catch. It’s in Dutch.

If you’re in the Netherlands, all of the cycle routes are available at the country cycle route site (landelijkefiestroutes). The site is quite well designed, you can pick your start and end points, and view the routes interactively on a decently sized map.

If you’re in Belgium, you can find all of the cycle routes on the fietsroute website. There are a lot of loops, but you can find the main LF routes, and the gpx files. The site is useful if you already know what route you’re going to take (use, however it does a poor job of giving an overview of the cycle routes.

Both of the aforementioned sites came in handy after I’d used fietsvakantie. The newest favorite geo-toy, is This site is terrible at routing, however, the cycling routes overlay the map in a rather convenient fashion. So if you know where you’re going, and what towns you will pass through, you will be able to find a cycle route to use. A lot of the major cycle routes (LF or trans euro) can be found here, and a lot of them are just routes people have made up. Quality may vary. I found it exceptional that I could pick a route, and load it into my garmin from the website directly. When riding, I can then see all of the routes on my gps, and make choices offline.

I hope this is helpful to someone out there planning a cycle trip in these countries. I’ve found it useful, and thought I should write it down before it’s forgotten.