Change of plans

Careful thought and deliberation have yielded a game plan. Winter is closing in. I had originally planned to cycle in eastern Europe to Dubrovnik, and take the ferry to Italy, ride for a bit, and take the ferry back to Greece. However, it will be November already next week, and it’s getting a bit brisk.

Being the geek I am, I crunched the numbers. Made a spreadsheet. Yup. So here are my findings.

City lat/long avg temp (C) avg min temp (C) avg max temp(C) rainfall (mm)
pescara 42°N 18°E 10.7 6.8 68.8
dubrovnik 42°N 18°E 12.1 9 230.7
rome 42.00°N 12.70°E 11.6 8 17 96
mostar 43°N 17°E 9.9 13.7 216.5
livno 43°N 17°E 5.6 166.5
Bari 41°N 16°E 13.1 50
tiriana 41°N 19°E 11.5 170.6
sassari 40.7°N 8.5°E 11 14 17 100
Napoli 40°N 14°E 12.5 8.1 16.9 127.4
ancona 43°N 13°E 11.4 5.6 14.3 78.9
pisa 43°N 10°E 10.4 6.6 15.3 114.5
genova 44°N 8°E 12.2 9.4 15.2 186.1
rimini 44°N 12°E 9.2 5.8 13 73.4
Patras 38°N 21°E 11.3 126
Athens 37°N 23°E 12 61.8
Larissa 39N 22E 11 53.1
Istanbul 41.00°N 29.10°E 7.7 113.8

I know it’s super geeky, but I had to. It was telling. Turns out, it rains 3x as much in Eastern Europe as it does on the east coast of Italy in the month of November. That’s very important to me. Aside from the fact that it will be further, and more expensive, it’s likely to be a lot more enjoyable.

It doesn’t seem like there are too many big climbs to the Adriatic sea… a couple small ones in Slovenia, but nothing in comparison to the Alps. Here’s what it looks like:

Currently, I’m not sure if I’m going to leave tomorrow, or Wednesday morning. The forecast has called for rain, however there was very little precipitation today, and there will be little tomorrow as well. I could very well step out the door tomorrow morning, and it will pour all day. However, I also have the strong desire to leave as soon as possible. I’ve been in Budapest now for 10 days, the longest stop yet, and after reading this blog, I can hardly wait for Italy. Once I’d read this blog, I promptly changed my map. It now looks like this:

View Budapest to Bari in a larger map

Whether or not I actually stick to this plan is another matter. Currently, that will be the next 5 weeks or so.