Bern to Munich

Everyday, something unprecedented happens. On my way up to Liestal (near Basel), I had been expecting to stay with Till, a friend of Pips. As I rolled into town, some guy on the sidewalk waved at me. Thinking that it was Till, I turned around and said hello. It wasn’t Till at all, it was just some random stranger on the street. Turns out, this man, Maurizio, had cycled from his home in Switzerland to Tibet in 2006. He ended up offering me a place to stay and I slept on his couch. It was pretty cool, we were able to shoot the breeze about cycling through the middle east.

Maurizio and Melanie

What’s more, him and his girlfriend had just got back from a 2 week cycle trip in Portugal hours earlier. Like the passport event, sometimes the odds are astonishing. To further add to circumstance, Maurizio had just been up to Lofoten in Norway, at the same time as we had… the same small town, no less.

Within 20 minutes, I was informed that we were to go upstairs and celebrate his neighbour Thomas’ birthday. I’m invited. Random cyclist you just met on the street is coming over for some pasta with birthday wishes. I was shown some genuine Swiss German hospitality.
Tom's birthday

I did end up getting to meet Till and Christina again for a coffee, and then I was off again. Late as usual. I managed to make it to the next town and stay with Tobi and Nicole (warmshowers). That was also a nice stay. This is a couple with whom I can easily identify. Ten years ago, they too rode in Pakistan and Tibet, and now they take their three children touring with them. They’d just been for a tour in Sicily with the kids. Pretty inspiring, when you think of the logistics involved.
Nicole and the kids

Leaving the next morning, I got my next unprecedented surprise. I had planned to cycle to Konstanz, and camp near the lake. After lunch, I managed to roll over a piece metal, puncturing my tires. In patching my tubes, I ran out of patches, and nearly out of glue. Well, no problem. I’ve got a spare. Not a great spare, it cracked immediately around the valve, rendering it useless. To further complicate things, all of the bike shops were closed, as it was Tuesday. In the end, I was forced to wild camp, and walk a couple kilometers to get sorted out. In the end, it cost me a day. I had planned to stay with another warmshowers host near lake Konstanz, however I never quite made it, as it was too far.

The following several days were great. I had one of the hardest days yet, due to something I ate or drank. Not sure what it was, but it sapped my energy. Western Bavaria was also not that easy, as there are a lot of hills. I ended up only making it to Fussen, instead of somewhere a little closer to Munich. It was pretty neat, I wild camped near Newschwanstein castle.
Newschwanstein at night

In the end, it worked out fine. I camped very near the castles, and managed to pull off a nice 140km to Munich. The terrain got flat again, and it was pretty easy going. Bavaria is very nice…
The valley east of Konstanz

Many thanks Maurizio/Melanie and Tobi/Nicole for having me. That was great.

Keep on rolling,